Frequently Asked Questions

There's a fun tradition with web sites - making up Frequently Asked Questions. I'm going to try to anticipate the kinds of questions I'd have if I stumbled on a site like this.

What's the scoop with this comic and this character?
The best approach is to read the book itself. If you need a primer, I'd suggest that you first read this biography of the lead character, Jason Rusch. Following that, read some of the issue summaries to get caught up on the story.

Why focus only on the current series? Do you have something against Ronnie Raymond?
The decision to create this site was largely based on the fact that I could identify with Jason and I noticed people asking some of the same questions about him all over the web. I figured it was time for a new Firestorm site that would follow Jason closely. Not having read the previous Firestorm series when it was coming out, I couldn't imagine going back and documenting that series to the level of detail that I intend to do here. I have read several issues of the old series and I see lots to like there but, truth be told, I find that I'm more sympathetic to Jason. Having said that, I hope to see Ronnie and Ronnie's fans treated with respect.

Why Firestorm 2 HQ?
Yes, this is the third volume of the series and yes, there have been more than one incarnations of Firestorm in the past. Still, Ronnie Raymond is considered the original Firestorm and this is the first time that mantle has been passed off completely. Besides, it rhymes nicely with 'HQ'.

Why isn't there a message board or at least a comment area?
Nope, not yet. I don't want to dilute the activity at other community sites. There's still a great deal of controversy over the change in direction and some of the less mature fans would undoubtedly use any community features on this site to make my life miserable.

What or who is 'mandlo' from the url?
It's an abbreviation of my name and my wife's name.

How was the site made?
Hand-coded PHP in Textpad. Images in Corel Photo-Paint 11. Hosting by below10host.

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