David Drake AKA Typhoon


David Drake was a marine scientist and inventor who tried to create a new way to explore the ocean. Working for Concordance Research, he developed a nuclear-powered bathysphere (a sphere-shaped mini-submarine) named the Manta. Despite his dedication to this work, he yearned to spend more time with his wife, Marilyn (later called Sarah), and their two small children David and Lisa.

During a test of the Manta in the South Pacific, Drake was lowered deep into the ocean underneath the research vessel Neptune Explorer. Neither he nor Martin Stein, who was hired to consult on the project, were certain the the Manta was ready for a full test. The captain of the ship, Anton Hammer, insisted and caused the experiment to go on despite an approaching storm.

When the storm hit, Hammer ordered the tether severed over Stein's objections. Without the line, the Manta would simply fall to the ocean floor and Drake would die. Martin subconsciously summoned Ronnie Raymond from across the globe and the two formed Firestorm.

Firestorm dove into the ocean and found the sinking bathysphere, which he managed to catch and raise to the surface. However, when a grateful Drake emerged from the Manta, he was shot by Captain Hammer who wanted to conceal his decision to drop the Manta. While Firestorm dealt with Hammer, Drake fell back into the Manta. Rain from the storm outside fell into the bathysphere and shorted the circuitry, causing an explosion in the nuclear-powered vessel.

Drake's exposure to the nuclear explosion and the storm transformed him into a powerful human storm. It also made him unstable. He attacked Firestorm, then turned to attack the Nepture Explorer. Firestorm was able to thwart both attacks and rescue the sailors. Next, Typhoon attacked Sydney, Australia. Firestorm used his powers to effectively blow out the storm, seemingly turning Drake back into a normal man.

Drake spent months recovering in a Sydney hospital. His extended absence was too much for his wife Marilyn and she filed for divorce. Drake became angry and irrational. He turned into Typhoon once more and killer Hammer. He also sought Martin Stein, whom he blamed for grudgingly declaring the Manta experiment ready when pressed by Captain Hammer. This time, Firestorm had a more difficult time because Typhoon was enraged. Firestorm flew into the middle of the storm and released a great deal of energy, ending the storm.

The next day, Drake was found in the East River. His identity unknown, he was institutionalized for about a year until a passing storm reignited his powers. He escaped from the Manhattan Hospital and flew to Long Island, where his ex-wife and children lived. Drake destroyed their home and abducted the children, but returned them once he saw how frightened they had become of him. Firestorm was able to stop him once more, but only at the cost of so much energy that he fissioned into Stein and Ronnie and the two were unable to merge for a time.

Later, Typhoon emerged in the form of an enormous storm which destroyed much of Pittsburg, where Ronnie and Martin now lived. Thousands died but, once again, they managed to overcome Drake and return him to the authorities. He was released through the shady activities of Vandameer Steel and turned loose to stop Firestorm from attacking the company's facilities. In the ensuing battle, Firestorm once again managed to subdue Drake, but Drake managed to avoid arrest. He became a mercenary.

Years later, when Killer Frost discovered that Ronnie Raymond was inside of the new Firestorm, she contacted Firestorm's old foe, Cliff Carmichael, who quickly assembled a small team of villains to get their revenge on Firestorm. Typhoon was all too happen to join this team.

Character Milestones
First Appearance (as David Drake): Flash vol. 1 #294
First Appearance (as Typhoon): Flash vol. 1 #295
Comes to New York to kill Martin Stein: Fury of Firestorm #8
Nearly destroys Pittsburgh: Firestorm #61
Joined a group of villains wanting to kill Ronnie: Firestorm vol. 3 #11

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